Smart Bathroom,DIY your Big Style—Master Bathroom Renovation

Today, we show a master bathroom renovation for a young couple, who do have another washroom with a tub/shower combo,so,they want to see some different design in this bathroom.We replaced the bathtub with a shower, and also for other places, we do a huge improvement on this previous 70’s.

Here, let us to DIY a bathroom, to show that some dimensions showcase clever ways to create virtual and literal space, and how to make big style statements on budgets small and large.

Bathroom Location: Downtown San Diego

Cost: About $20,000


BEFORE: This bathroom was functional but dated,feminization of the 70s,also didn’t match the young family’s style. It lacked modern notes, without compact and clean look the clients were after.

AFTER: Have an open feeling in this bathroom is high on the young homeowner’s wish list. At first they wanted to remove the skylight then accommodate a rain shower head. But our designer also know that the clients wouldn’t miss the great natural light. So, our designer adivse a rain shower head, which mounts to the wall, this chrome fixture also has a modern look. Our designer choose a hinged glass door to amp up the devision. “The clear heavy glass door gives a virtual and literal space and also looks modern” she says.

The streamlined and white toliet break things up. the wood grain shelf and cabinets, above the toliet, make the storage and cleaning easily and reasonably.
“The bathroom is pretty sophisticated, we should utilize any space artfully” the designer says.

But for me, like the floor of the shower, Small black and white hex tiles bright the whole foor. the smaller pattern adds a playful, more casual touch to me, also, skidproof when bathing.

Which place you like best in this remodel? Tell us show your idea.

If you plan to remodel a old bathroom, we think you need build a 10 to 20 percent contingency into your budget, because you do not know what quality a previous master instituted. If you want to get an incredible deal about remodeling your bathroom, our design budget and bathroom products will help you, this is our online shower doors store for your reference.

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