How to Choose a Right Shower Door for Your Bathroom

If you are making a plan to remodel your bathroom or replace an existing shower, you will find that it’s so lucky to get a number of advice about the options and styles of shower doors. Below, we will do the tips for you.

A shower is a main feature in any bathroom, so it’s important for us to select a right type of shower door for the space.

Choose a Right Shower Door for Your Bathroom

1.Bypass Sliding Door

Many of these are style decisions, and of course, there will be decisions on what kind of glass you want–clear, fogged or etched. First, though, you should consider more basic questions of just what design style you’re after.

Here is a list of some basic design styles for shower doors:

Bypass shower doors are sliding doors, typically, they consist of two sliding glass panels (of course, you can add some additional fixed panels) that roll on tracks attached to the shower enclosure. You can entry from right or left by slide the glass panels to other side. The doors may simply slide in the tracks, or there may be mechanical rollers that assist the movement.

Bypass doors are used both on stand-alone showers generally, as well as the shower doors mounted on a bathtub. For bypass doors, does not need the space for the doors to swing out, if you have a small bathroom, this style will be a good choice, it is efficient use of space.

2.Hinged Door

What is hinged door? Okay, like a typical passage door in your home but it is a glass panel, opens by swinging in one direction by pivoting hinges.

Where the door hinge can be attached to in my bathroom? To a stationary glass panel or the wall or shower surround generally.

Pls note this kindly, this Hinged Door requires space in the bathroom for the doors to swing, so, we see hinged doors more commonly on stand-alone shower stalls.

3.Pivot Door

Pivot door, also, name pivot hinge door, is one of the most popular styles for the designer to use on most ultra-modern curved glass shower doors.

Similar to hinged door, it has a swinging door to open by a pivot hinge, but difference is that pivot shower doors can swing 180°, so they can open in or out.

The pivot hinge can be attached on one side of the door, or it can be center mounted to create a revolving shower door, requires much space for this type.

4.Bi-Fold doors/Bath Screen Door

Bi-fold doors (also called bath screens or tri-fold doors) include several glass panels. Normally one glass panel is fixed and can fold in with other panels by hinges.

In operating, they work much like the folding bi-fold doors on some closets with same principle that they can make efficient use of space and do not swing out widely into the room space, offered an answer to the space limitation problems that are prevalent in areas of restricted size, especially for where a swing or sliding doors cann’t work.

5.Neo-Angle Door

For a small bathroom, a neo-angle shower door can be a real space saver, since a corner shower door configuration cuts across the 90° angle created by a corner shower.

For this shower door, there are two smaller side panels running perpendicular to two side walls with the door centered between them. Usually, the door opens out into the room in a neo-angle door.

6.Fixed Doors/Walk-in shower panels

This style is a welcome addition to any contemporary bathroom.With its modern open entry(door-less) design a line shower adds a flowing, tranquil and beautiful element to the shower experience.

You can use single fixed doors or two panel configuration, left or right installation options make it a great choice for any shower space.

Now, if can help you? If not, you can give some information about your layout, our designer can offer some more ideas for you. Or you can surf our store to get more ideas about the Shower Doors.

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